So if you’re a woman in your 30s or 40s who struggles with low energy, stubborn weight post-kids, thinning hair, heavy periods and just don’t feel right in your body, you’re in the right place because you probably don’t know it’s all connected to your gut health - you’re not alone, I know what it’s like:

  • to be bloated or suffer from other pesky digestive symptoms

  • to feel sluggish with a slow metabolism

  • to have hormonal imbalances that show up as acne, weight gain, digestive issues, brain fog and low energy

  • to have intense cravings for sugar

  • and to be confused about where to start in order to heal!

But there is hope! So let's start at the beginning, the gut, where the magic happens! Did you know

 that in the U.S. nearly 75% of women walk around with digestive issues which are at the root of some nasty symptoms like brain fog, sugar cravings, low energy, and the inability to lose or keep weight off?

It's true, and this is why I created my FREE Kick Sugar for Good 5-Day Challenge; to help you break that craving cycle that keeps your hormones out of balance and to help you get your energy and mental focus back!  In this self-paced online challenge I provide you with recipes, tips and daily encouragement to help you cut out processed sugar from your life, because I believe this is a pivotal first step toward good gut and brain health.

I've also created a 48-hr Smoothie Cleanse if you prefer to drink your greens and fruits to get you started on detoxifying your gut and get your brain back 'online.'  I will show you how to put your green smoothie together and explain the benefits of replacing a meal with one. You will have a ton of recipes that you will surely continue to use beyond the cleanse!

Pick the best program for your lifestyle, but I ask that you try at least one; your digestive system, hormones and brain will thank you for it!

Why are my online, self-paced programs different than what you may have tried in the past? They aren't fad diets; there is no calorie counting, no starving yourself, you will only eat real, whole uncomplicated meals, with ingredients that you can pronounce and which you can find at your local grocery store. Plus, they taste amazing and will nourish your gut at the cellular level to make you feel your best. It is my belief that when we give our bodies the right foods, we show up better in the world!

Poor gut health leads to hormonal imbalances that show up as brain fog, low energy, cravings and just robs you of your overall good health. That is why my goal is simple:

I want to provide you with easy-to-implement strategies that include delicious recipes to crush cravings, reclaim your brain, and restore gut health so that you become lean, energized, and super healthy! 

It's all about the right information...

Once you learn how food works, you will free yourself from the all-or-nothing approach that is so old school. You will naturally be able to make stress-free better food choices in places like restaurants, gatherings, office lunches and other social situations which equals to FOOD FREEDOM!

Having learned what works for you, as an individual will give you such confidence and trust in yourself; it will be nothing but magical, because this isn't fad diet, it’s a new lifestyle - your forever diet! All that while actually balancing your hormones, improving your digestion, regaining your brain power and feeling and looking better ASAP!