• Feeling bloated or constipated?

  • Walking around in a fog with zero energy by mid-afternoon?

  • Are your moods a roller coaster?

  • Not satisfied after meals and always on the hunt for sugar?

No, you are not imagining things, these are just some of the signs of gut and hormonal imbalance created by the wrong foods, namely processed sugar.  That was definitely my case, and if this sounds like you too, you're likely relying on junk food to get you through the day, and your hormones are taking a hit!

You see, here is what happens when you eat processed sugar; added sugar feeds yeast and bad bacteria which can damage the intestinal wall leading to chronic inflammation which then can lead to a leaky gut, a condition where undigested particles of food from your gut get through to your bloodstream, and can create all sorts of problems, long-term.

These bad bacteria and yeast also give your body and brain hunger cues through specific hormones when you're stressed, bored or because there are other issues going on, and it is what keeps you reaching for the junk!

So you walk around in a fog and in a bad mood because you're always on a blood sugar rollercoaster! Willpower is no match for your hunger hormones when it comes to sugar when they’re controlled by bad gut bugs, they will always win that game, so I'm here to tell you it is not your fault, it's all about balancing those hormones.

It is a myth that you have to give up all sugar to curb your cravings, you just need to know which kinds are the best to consume, which is why I created this 5-day challenge. I discovered that by making some key changes, I was able to curb those processed sugar cravings which allowed my gut to heal and then lots of things started falling into place. But I had to start there, by removing processed sugar, and I’m so happy to be able to share this with you!

There is never a 'perfect time' to start, and no need to wait 'til Monday or until January 1st, I know you are busy, but if you know that sugar is ruining your life, then you are here for a reason!

I want to walk you step by step for 5 days, through the process of making better choices. Removing sugar is the first step to a healthier you!*

My philosophy is that if you eat better, you will feel better, then you will perform better! 

Welcome back your energy, mental clarity and just feel normal again by crushing the sugar craving cycle for good...

without having to give up ALL sugar!

Commit to taking care of YOU for these 5 days and this is what you will get:

  • Recipes and sample meal plans, this will get you excited about getting back in the kitchen (without spending hours there!)

  • Tips and Hacks to curb sugar cravings

  • Daily Coaching Emails and Encouragement

  • Private Facebook Group Community Access

  • All FREE!

Here's what's being said about the challenge:

I was able to stick to it; I don’t have a sweet tooth but crackers are my vice! I really liked the recipes and I am using them over and over! I thought they were really easy and didn’t need much prep time which was fantastic. Having the meal plan made me think more about what I eat for breakfast and lunch in particular it made me reduce the amount of bread I eat, which is usually my issue.
— Laura, mom of 3, NYC

You may never look at processed sugar the same way again! Interested in taking on the challenge? Good news - everything you'll need is in one convenient guide, created with you just in mind!

It's FREE and easy to join,

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